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Gaasterland boasts fresh air, woods, pastures and an abundance of recreation waters, all of which entice hikers, cyclists and pleasure craft sailors to come spend an active holiday here.

Such a combination of recreational possibilities on Country and water is rather rare. Gaasterland offers an ‘Always Good Weather’ Guarantee, with beautiful beaches on the IJsselmeer and Slotermeer lakes for glorious, sunny days and lovely bicycle paths through beautiful woods and indoor attractions for rainy days, not to mention cosy restaurants with the ambiance of days gone by combined with exquisite contemporary cuisine. 

The Mirns Estate is situated on a few minutes bicycle ride from the IJsselmeer. The old name for this area is "De Mûzepolle” which stems from the monks from the St. Odulphus abbey in Hemelum. This land was used as a cloister garden where the monks used to grow their vegetables. 

L. Mous

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